Schimb de tineret “Sporffiti” – Romanii la Daugvapils, Letonia


Romanians in Daugvapils

Latvia,a new country and a new experience that Romanian team really enjoyed…. We started with just our enthusiasm and no knowledge about how hard is to do graffiti. How was it? The answer that we can give to you is just…. perfect. The project “Sporffiti” that was supported by Erasmus + project was a project about how art can appear on the most common places. It was a project about discovering art, now cultures, passion for sport, desire to learn something new and not on the last place, it was about making new friends and creating bounds between different cultures.


It was a really good organised project and the schedule let the participants time to enjoy the project and also to discover the city, Daugvapils. We learned so many new things about different countries, their results in sport and their perception about graffiti. We finished with a gallery opening where the participants revealed the final creation.

About Romanians work I can say that for doing graffiti for the first time, we did a great job and we liked also the process of learning and we managed to do a nice concept behind our drowing. We have chosen football as our national sport, not for our results, but for our enthusiast fans and Romanians desire of our great results that we had once.
We decided to do a cartoon as our football player, because we believe it is funny and, in the end football should be not just about winning, but also about team work and having a nice time while playing. For the background we used our national flag to show that we love our country and that we are proud to be Romanian.

Every day in the afternoon we had national presentations that led us the occasion to learn about the culture and tradition of other countries. We really liked it and this helped us to be open to discover more about their country and them.
We can’t forget about our flash mob and how funny it was to learn 2 different dances and to perform. Maybe we were not the best but we did everything we could and we had a great time and lots of fun…… we loved it!

In the end we can say that it was amazing, we had a nice time, we made a passion for graffiti, we learned a lot of new things, we made new friends and memories that we never forget.