Schimb de tineret “Just do it!” Brzozow, Polonia

guidebook-just-do-itNowadays youngsters are choosing junk food and playing video games instead of outdoor activities and healthy diet. There are more and more cases of diabetes, obesity, problems with posture and so on. That is why the education about healthily lifestyle is so important, especially starting from an early age. Also sport is a great opportunity to learn how to work together with a team to achieve one common goal. Youth Exchange called “Just do it“ brought together to Poland, Brzozów between 08-15.08.2016, 30 youngsters between 15 – 25 with youth leaders from Macedonia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Poland. Main aim was to promote healthy lifestyle and sport activities among young people within the frame of Erasmus Plus Programme. All the activities were conducted using tools and methods of non-formal education, and we used certificate Youthpass as a recognition of all the gained competences. The main product of this exchange is a “Guidebook for Sport and Healthily Living” that contains different rules, pictures, stories, articles and successful examples about how sport or healthy lifestyle can be important in today’s life of youngsters. It was designed and realized by the participants during the exchange.


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